October 5, 2012

Trive Capital Announces Formation of New Firm

Dallas, Texas

Trive Capital, a Dallas-based private equity group that makes control investments in under-resourced lower-middle market companies, formally announced the launch of its first fund in June 2012. Trive seeks to acquire strategically viable companies that are at an inflection point, in which the combination of additional capital, operational guidance and resources can serve as a catalyst for growth and value creation. The firm specializes in complex, special situations that can benefit from speed, flexibility, and a hands-on approach to investing.

Founded by Conner Searcy and Chris Zugaro, Trive’s leadership has worked extensively together while at predecessor funds, generating superior, top decile returns via an operations-focused strategy. The cornerstone of the firm’s philosophy is to develop collaborative partnerships with management teams to drive value and tackle challenges, utilizing both data analytics and thoughtful dialog. Trive’s vision is to deploy proven operational best practices and capitalize on actionable opportunities that allow businesses, shareholders, and employees to realize their full long-term potential.

“We are excited to launch the inaugural fund at Trive, which will deploy a proven, disciplined approach to sourcing, execution, and operations refined over a decade of successful principal investing. Trive’s strategy is centered on being a true partner in the value creation process, beyond just a source of capital. Our team recognizes every situation is unique and looks to find the optimal path to transform businesses. It is this mindset that makes us the preferred partner for companies and limited partners,” commented Conner Searcy, Trive’s managing partner.

Since opening its doors, Trive has assembled a cohesive, multi-faceted team with experience in principal investing, investment banking, strategic consulting, restructuring, general management, and corporate finance. The firm’s collective background reflects a differentiated combination of skill-sets developed over multiple economic cycles at a number of leading institutions, including Insight Equity, Bain & Company, and Goldman Sachs. This history allows Trive to invest with a patient long term perspective, yielding strong partnerships that build great businesses and maximize strategic value creation.

“The Trive team members have an exceptional track record, rooted in our deep relationships and experience in operations and finance across a number of industry verticals. This diverse collection of knowledge positions the firm to serve as a valuable strategic resource for the management teams we support. We understand great businesses are not built overnight and value is created over multiple economic cycles. Our rigorous approach also allows us to move quickly and take advantage of emerging opportunities,” commented Chris Zugaro.

About Trive

Trive Capital is a Dallas, Texas based private equity firm with more than $7 billion of regulatory assets under management. Trive focuses on investing equity and debt in what it sees as strategically viable middle-market companies with the potential for transformational upside through operational improvement. We seek to maximize returns through a hands-on partnership that calls for identifying and implementing value creation ideas.

The Trive team is comprised of seasoned investment professionals who have been involved in over 250 middle-market transactions representing in excess of $7 billion in revenue across Trive’s targeted industry sectors and situations.

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