Trive Background

We partner with talented management teams to identify transformational opportunities for long-term value creation. We currently manage over $7 billion of regulatory assets under management and invest in both equity and debt in order to create bespoke, tailored capital solutions for each investment.

Trive‘s proven track record is the result of our collaborative approach to partnership, our extensive network of operational resources, and our strong relationships with financial intermediaries and other capital sources.

Why Partner with Trive Capital?

The cornerstone of Trive’s philosophy is to develop collaborative partnerships with management teams to drive value and tackle challenges. With our hands-on operational approach, Trive seeks to build collaborative partnerships that allow us to identify and implement significant value creation improvements. We understand great businesses are not built overnight and value is created over multiple economic cycles, which is why our ability to move quickly and take advantage of opportunities across industry sectors is compelling for many middle-market business owners.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Trive, we recognize the success of our firm, portfolio, and investors depends on our team’s exchange of ideas—an exchange that is strongest when there is diversity of perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. To achieve this, our mission is to create a culture where diversity, equity, and inclusion are valued, recognized, and embedded into our DNA through implementation of thoughtful, innovative, and continuously improving strategies that will ultimately attract, retain, and engage the best team members.


Differentiated Approach

Trive’s #1 asset is our team. Our core operating principles govern our approach not only to investing, but to each other. Trive’s culture of collaboration and open communication, coupled with our agile investing philosophy, allow us to act nimbly and flexibly across a wide variety of situations.

Trive invests in both equity and debt securities in order to meet the needs of each company and investment opportunity. We take the time to understand critical opportunities, challenges, and objectives facing our portfolio executives, utilizing both data analytics and thoughtful dialogue. 

Excel in Complex Situations

Trive excels in complex situations, including family-owned businesses, corporate carve-outs and distressed transactions, in which speed and certainty to close may be a priority. Our team has not only worked extensively together through multiple economic cycles, but has also structured, financed, and closed more than 100 middle-market transactions – including unique circumstances such as bankruptcy processes, restarts, take-privates and carve-outs.

Hands-on, Operational Approach

With an extensive background and experience base in operations, the Trive team approaches investing with an operational mindset. Beyond rolling up our sleeves to tackle value creation initiatives at the outset of each investment, we aim to serve as a value-added resource to our management teams over the long term. The investment team dedicates meaningful bandwidth towards operational improvements with each portfolio company.

Reward Success & Growth

Trive recognizes that relationships with management teams, intermediaries and advisors represent the backbone of our success. Trive looks to compensate executives and deal sources in a manner that properly rewards exceptional value creation. We frequently enter into buy-side representation engagements.

Operating Principles

Create fulfillment and lasting impact for our team, partner companies, investors, and communities

01 Get in the arena
02 Lead with humility
03 Be ethical and act with integrity
04 Respect each other, be direct, and presume best intentions
05 Invest in the individual
06 Adapt & evolve through a philosophy of continuous improvement
07 Challenge conventional thinking
08 Drive results through a disciplined & data-driven approach
09 Optimize outcomes by leveraging the team's collective strengths